Lebanese Passports

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We recommend all Lebanese who wish to obtain Lebanese passports, to present their applications at least ten weeks before the expiry date of their passports. These applications are regularly sent to Lebanon by the diplomatic pouch.

Express Mail Service: The General Directorate of the Lebanese General Security has authorized the DHL's FastTrack Service to transport the passports' applications in a fast way. This service is optional; it is at the expense of the person concerned and it is available by visiting the following website: https://fasttracklb.dhl.com

It is no longer possible to add a minor child to either parent's Lebanese passports. In the absence of an Individual Extract of Civil Status, the Embassy could eventually issue a "Laissez-Passer", valid for one year and for several trips for a newborn who should be already registered in the Embassy.

Conditions and requirements to obtain a new passport:

*   Fill out a Passport Application Form at the Embassy.

*   The old Passport.

*   An Individual Extract of Civil Status which date of issuance does not exceed 10 years, or the original Lebanese ID card (new version).

*   The UK Residence Permit or Passport.

*   Two copies of all documents above mentioned.

*   Two recent colour photos with a white background (size length 4.3cm x width 3.5cm) showing full details of the face. The reproduction of an old photo is not accepted.

*   In case of loss/theft of the Lebanese passport, the holder should provide a police report and a copy of the lost/stolen passport, if available.

The presence of the applicant for a new passport at the Embassy is mandatory.

Both parents should be present in person at the Embassy and sign a consent letter, authorizing the minor (under eighteen years old) to obtain a passport.

Those who wish to add their professions on their passports should provide a certificate or an official card issued by a professional syndicate or by a Lebanese official institute.

In case of divorce, dissolution of marriage, abandonment or death, the legal guardian should present the valid tutelage in Lebanon in order to apply for a passport for a minor.

The Embassy informs (by phone or email) the new passport holder of the arrival of his passport by diplomatic bag/pouch from Beirut. The concerned person should either be present at the Embassy to receive it or asks to be sent to him by registered mail.

If the holder of a new passport does not collect his passport in one year, the Embassy will return the passport to the General Directorate of the General Security in Lebanon, Lebanese Passports Department.

Consular fees: (Cash payment or postal order)

              *   One year: £43.00 (for Electronics passport only)
            *   Five years: £215.00 (for Electronics passport and biometrics passport for minors)
            *   Ten years: £429.00 (for biometrics passports for adults)


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