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Two Options: Obtain Visa at Beirut International airport or Obtain Visa from the Embassy .

Obtain Visa at Beirut International airport

The following is a list of countries whose citizens can obtain an entry visa upon arrival at Beirut International Airport or any other port of entry if there is no Israeli visa or seal on their passport.

Andora- Antigua and Barbuda- Argentina - Armenia-Australia-Austria-Azerbaijan-Bahamas-Barbados-Belarus-Belgium-Belize-Bhutan-Brazil-Bulgaria-Canada-Chile-China Peoples republic)–Costa Rica-Croatia-Cyprus-Czech republic -Denmark-   Domincan republic-Estonia-Finland-France-Georgia - Germany-Great Britain Or   United Kingdom-Greece-Holland-Hong kong(SAR)China-Hungary-Iceland-Ireland-Italy-Japan-Kazakstan-Iran -Kirgizstan-Latvia-Liechtenstein-Lithuania-Luxembourg- Macau(SAR)-Macedonia-Malaysia-Malte-Mexico-Moldova-Monaco-Montenegro-New Zealand-Norway-Panama - Paraguay -Peru-Poland-Portugal-Romania-Russia- Samoa-San Marino-Serbia -Singapore-Slovakia-Slovenia - S.Korea -Spain-St. Kitts &Nevis -Sweden-Switzerland-Tajikistan-Turkmenistan - Ukraine-Uruguay-U.S.A-Uzbekistan-Venezuela

There is no fee for the Airport’s visa valid for one month and one entry only. Holders of Iraqi passports can be issued tourist visas upon their arrival to Lebanon via Beirut Airport, if they hold two thousand dollars in cash, hotel booking or known address, and a return ticket. Obtain Visa from the Embassy You can obtain a visa at the Embassy or by mail . The validity of a visa is 90 days starting from the issue date. - The duration of a visa is 15 days, one, three or six months starting from the day of entry to Lebanon.

In case of a visa for an underage child, both parents should sign a consent letter authorizing the child to travel.  A visa will not be issued on any passport or travel document stamped with an Israeli visa or seal. Moreover, a Lebanese visa is rendered invalid if an Israeli visa or seal is stamped on the passport.

Required papers for Visa:

You need to fill out a Visa Application Form and present it to the Embassy with the followings:
1.Fill out a Visa Application form
2.One passport-sized photo
3.One valid original Passport (validity not less than six months)
4.Photocopies of the passport pages containing the full name, photo, passport #, issue date, and expiry date (one copy of each page)
5.An invitation letter from a Lebanese company or an invitation letter from a Lebanese citizen with the copy of his passport with a complete address in Lebanon or a hotel reservation, hotel booking or known address, and a return ticket.
6.Statement of Account for the last three months-showing enough funds for the visit
  7. FOR MINORS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE, a consent letter to issue a passport or   a visa is required from both parents. Authorizing the child to obtain a Visa (In person: at the Embassy in front of the Consular Officer or by mail: in front of a notary public).

d. University/ School or Work attestation


The Fees for the Visa:  1- 25£ For Single Entry
                                      2- 50£ For Multiple Entry

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