Power of Attorney

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To sign or cancel a Power of Attorney, the applicant should send all the required documents by email to: consulateuk@lebanon-embassy.org and then the applicant should come personally to the Embassy, after getting a previous appointment by email.

Required documents for drafting a Power of Attorney :

*        Complete the form required. (Lebanese, Palestinian

*        A Lebanese valid ID of the Principal (ID card, recent Individual Extract of Civil Status or Passport).

*        A copy of a Lebanese valid ID for the Agent (ID card, recent Individual Extract of Civil Status or Passport).

*        Consular fees per signature (Cash payment or postal order):

-        General Power of Attorney : £72.00

-        General Judicial Power of Attorney : £72.00

-        Special Power of Attorney : £36.00

-        Cancelling a Power of Attorney : £54.00

  -        Pledge to deny ownership : £90.00


Additional required documents for the drafting of a Special Power of Attorney or the cancelling of Power of Attorney :

*        For Real Estate matters : provide a copy of the deed of property or a recent registry certificate (not older than one year).

*        For a Power of Attorney to sell, register or receive a car: provide a copy of the deed of property of the car in question.

*        For a Banking Power of Attorney : provide a copy of the bank account statement or a banking receipt which clearly shows the client's name, the name of the bank/branch and the account number.

*        For marriage/divorce : provide a copy of the passport or identity card of the person evolved, and determine the court (religious, civil, etc.).

*        For inheritance : provide a Family Extract of Civil Status and the Death Certificate of the person concerned.

*        For cancellation of a Power of Attorney : provide a copy of the Power of Attorney designated.

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