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The vital records registered at the Embassy, are regularly sent by diplomatic pouch to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, which in its turn transmits it to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, in order to register it in the Lebanese civil registers.

The required documents for a Divorce registration :

*        Download and fill out a Divorce Application Form.

*        The Original and Final Divorce Judgment with 2 copies.

*        The final and absolute divorce's certificate must be legalized by the British FCO and must be translated to Arabic after being legalized.

*        Two copies of a recent Family Extract of Civil Status (not older than one year).(بيان قيد عائلي)

*        Two copies of the Lebanese Marriage Certificate.

*        Fees: £45.00 (Cash payment or postal order)

*        In order to finalize the registration of a divorce before the Lebanese competent authorities, a special power of attorney should be made to a lawyer or a representative in Lebanon.

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