Parliamentary Elections 2018

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According to the Lebanese Election Law No. 44/2017 dated 17/06/2017, the Lebanese Embassy in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland has the honour to inform the Lebanese citizens registered on the electoral lists to vote abroad that the only acceptable documents for voting in the Parliamentary Elections that will be held on 29/04/2018 are either the Lebanese identification card (بطاقة الهوية) or a valid Lebanese passport acceptable

In this regard, the Embassy will renew or issue a new passport only for the Lebanese citizens registered to vote abroad. Those passports will be STRICTLY USED FOR VOTING and can’t be used to travel.

The required documents are:
- Passport’s Application Form
- A copy of Lebanese ID or an extract of Individual/Family Civil Status (بيان قيد فردي او عائلي)
- 2 Recent Photos with white background
- Fees: ₤0.47 (the equivalent to 1000 L.L)

All Applications must be submitted before 16 April 2018

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