Parliamentary Elections 2018

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Announcement to all Lebanese Citizens residing in The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

The Lebanese Embassy in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland has the honor to inform the Lebanese community that according to the provisions of Article 115 of Law No. 44/2017 of 17/06/2017 and the Decree on calling Electorate No. 2219 dated 22/01/2018: 1- The date of parliamentary election for the Lebanese nationals who have registered to vote outside Lebanese territories has been determined on Sunday 29th of April 2018 2- The Embassy kindly requests members of Lebanese Community to go through the initial official electoral lists, where Lebanese citizen, non-residents on Lebanese territories, has any rectification to the electoral lists can apply to the embassy, BEFORE20/02/2018 with a request of correction accompanied by one of the following documents (with no need of the police record): 1-Lebanese ID 2- Single Civil Extract(اخراج قيد افرادي) 3- Lebanese Passport and the applications forms for rectification of electoral lists which are available on the website of the Directorate General for Personal Status

Kindly take into consideration that all the applicants that have chosen to vote at this embassy can not change the place or the country where their name is registered. 
Please Note that the Last date of applying for rectification is Tuesday 20/02/2018

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