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The Embassy of Lebanon to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland announces that in the course of mitigating the Corona virus outbreak the following measures have been decided on March 11, 2020:

1- All travel (air, land and sea) will be ceased between Lebanon and the following countries: Italy, South Korea, Iran and China for a week starting 11/3/2020.

2- All persons coming, by air, land and sea, from the following countries: France, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, can no longer enter Lebanese territories, except for:

  • a-Lebanese citizens
  • b-Families of Lebanese citizens who have not yet acquired Lebanese citizenship or residency in Lebanon
  • c-Holders of a valid Lebanese residency
  • d-Members of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Lebanon, and members of UNIFIL forces

The above mentioned will be given a four-day period to travel to Lebanon: from Thursday 12/03/2020 until Monday 16/3/2020

  • 1-After the four-day period:
  • a-All flights coming from countries mentioned in paragraph -2- will be completely ceased for one week, after which the situation will be reassessed.
  • b-Lebanese wishing to return Lebanon must contact the Lebanese embassy.
  • c-All persons who travel to Lebanon from countries mentioned inparagraph -2- must adhere to home isolation for a period of 14 days and contact the Ministry of Public Health if any symptoms occur.


London, 12th of March 2020

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